20 April 2008

Return to Trails - For Reals This Time

Eric happened to be in town for a top secret government meeting with some movers and shakers in a well-known clandestine non-government international agency. He had a few minutes to spare between briefings so we decided to hit the trails.

He's tapering for a race next weekend so he was nice and didn't run me off the mountain. The trails are beginning to show underneath the snow. Sure, there's still some snow up there but in the lower elevations it's very runnable.

Temps were in the upper 80's, in Texas,
but on the trails we were on it was about 30.
Sadie's in the background making fun of us.

Still some snow up there, but not too much
to keep me from striking an awesome pose.

We hoped to get a photo of some moose,
but settled for taking a bunch of photos of each other.
We ran some, too.

I made it home just in time.

Keep melting snow!



  1. Catching up on the Pope, eh? :P

  2. Yea, I hear Sadie saying, "Come'on suckas!!"

  3. Wow, that's a good looking running partner you have! And Eric looks good too! Thanks for keeping him out of trouble for a couple of hours.

  4. I enlarged the picture of you on the computer and showed it to Zoe. I said, "Look, Zoe, there's Uncle Scott!". She gave a big squeal of delight, smiled, and pointed to you.

  5. I can't believe you still have all that snow on the ground..just yesterday I got totally sunburned and baked in the sun. I am just saying...

  6. Ooh, I watched a bit of the Pope too. Was a little irritated with the constant commentary during the Mass... oh well.

  7. Scott,

    My fingers just warmed up enough to type again! Actually I'm back home from my top secret mission and achieved my objective. Thanks for your help as an inside operative. I felt like a local as I drove into town with the "suspect". We went to one of the many establishements owned by one local family, if you know what I mean.

    Wierd about the arsons that were reported last night around campus. Sounds like they had a suspect in custody early this morning. Now if they can just catch the clown who laid on the horn of their car that was parked outside our hotel room at 5:00 AM this morning the world will be right! Hey, where were you at 5:00 this morning?

    Thank you for the run! We probably should have gone for a second lap but at least my legs feel good. I need to go make the run again when we can make it up to the towers. Until then watch out for moose!

    Michelle is such a funny girl! ha ha ha!

    Trail Scat

  8. Good stuff! Except the snow. Keep running.

  9. We've still got snow in the woods here too old man. Nice to see you've still got your sense of humor. Rock on.

  10. I can't believe there's still snow there!! Tell me, when does summer come to that region?

  11. Glad to hear the snow is still melting and you were able to get some trail work done!