12 November 2007

From One Washington to Another

Now only hours away. I hear the drum beating quietly, slowly. What the hell am I doing? 50 miles? Is it too late to back out? (gulp)

I'm off to DC in a couple days. Maybe the enormity of all the memorials and statues and buildings will put this measly little 50 mile race in a bit more perspective. I'm mean, c'mon, 50 miles is like a drop in the bucket compared to the distance between the earth and the moon, right? We'll be in DC for a couple days before we head up to Boonsboro, Maryland for the Saturday morning start. My sisters are also driving up from the Carolinas for the weekend and I finally get to meet my little niece Zoe!

I had another record breaking taper week. I feel rested and in relatively good spirits. Sadie hates the taper weeks. She's getting more antsy than I am and is bouncing off the walls wanting to go run. She's addicted. I'm still having to do the old "I'm going away for business" routine on race weekends. It would kill her to know that I'm going on these epic runs without her.

Next stop: JFK 50 Mile!

At least I don't have to run there.

Keep running!



  1. Good luck at JFK! YOU CAN DO IT!

  2. 50 miles is nothing, you can do it. :D

    Maybe you can get some hack who only runs 18 or 20 to come run with Sadie.

    Good luck and ENJOY!!

  3. Good luck! You're gonna rock those 50 miles like nuttin' :D

  4. You are gonna do great! Have fun in the other Washington.

  5. If it helps you don't hurt any more than a 50K. It just hurts longer.

    Have a safe trip, enjoy the 50 miles and your niece Zoe.

    Trail Scat

  6. I love the post title. Good luck with the run. Have fun with 50 and with the family.

    Just remember what Eric said!

  7. Rock out homie!! 50 miles is no thang :P

    You're so going to take pics, right? We totally need visuals!

  8. Yea haw! Sadie will be there to make sure you run properly on recovery :-) Plus, having your Dad at JFK will lift your spirits and your legs...

    Have fun!!

  9. I just cannot wait to read all about the JFK! I am so excited for you and I can't imagine a cooler place or person to get to run your first 50 miler with!

  10. 50 miles?!?!? OMG, you are a machine! How fun to do with your Dad. Tell the family hello for me.

  11. good luck this weekend! Maybe I will see you out there! I'll likely be in something pink shooting for sub 9.

  12. Poor Sadie... your secrect is safe with me.

    Last minute tip.... have fun!! Eat often and always keep moving. Spending even 2 minutes at an aid station can really add up.

    You will rock it and having your family there will make it that much better.

    I will have a beer for you and toast to a great event.

  13. WOOHOO!!! I can't believe JFK is almost here!! Marcy and I will be stalking your progress!!!

    You can do it and have fun!!!!!!

  14. Hey, good luck! Have a fun and safe trip as well. Can't wait to read the race recap.

  15. So...are we really thinking about running the Rocky Raccoon 100 in February? I thought we were going to wait to see how we survived the JFK Saturday. Oh well, why not.

    By the way, the cold and rainy weather you ordered for JFK seems to be coming just in time (30-48degrees). Sorry it's not as cold as Pullman. Just don't wear a shirt:)

  16. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

    Good luck.... and remember to have fun!